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HIBX-10 ( 10 /14 KVA)

Inventum Induction Heater Model 'HIBX-10' is the 'Mobile Heavy Weight Unit' in the range of ‘HIB’ series induction heaters manufactured by INVENTUM. It operates on 2 phase, 440V power supply and has power capacity of 10-14 kVA, which can heat large sized bearings & other components of heavier mass. Its housing is made of steel to bear weight of large shrink fit components. The core is wound on vertical side and is hermetically sealed for longer life. The unit is easily transportable from one station to another as it fitted on trolley.

In 'HIBX-10' the electronic controls are microcontroller based and are mounted on the unit itself. All the process parameters are set, controlled and displayed on Control Box unit. Large size induction heater manufacturers in Mumbai, India to all over the world for industrial heaters, bearings and gears with safety, reliability and durability features.


Product Data Model HIBX-10
Heater Body Robust all Steel Body
Power 10-14 KVA
Voltage 2 Ø X 440V AC
Frequency Hz 50/60 Hz
Nominal Current 22-30 Amps.
Residual Magnetism < 2 A/cm
Power Level Variable in steps of 1% to 100% power.
Demagnetisation Automatic Demagnetisation.
Temperature Control Up to 400° C using microcontroller based circuits, adjustable in steps
of 1° C and accuracy +/- 5° C (Temperature accuracy +/-5° C for all models).
Temperature Probe Magnetic type.
Time Control 0 to 99.59 minutes, adjustable in steps of 1 minute or 1sec.
Minimum (ID)mm 114mm (with standard horizontal yoke having role sliding arrangement)
Sound Signal Yes
Reheat Signal Yes
Error Signal Yes
Digital Display Yes
Coil Over Heating Protection Yes
Space between vertical supports (W x H) 250 x 255mm. (± 10mm)
Overall Dimensions (W x D x H) 940 x 560 x 1050mm (± 10mm)
Standard Horizontal yoke size 80 x 80 x 490mm (suitable for bore dia. 114mm & above)
Weight without yoke 250 Kgs. (approx.)
Mobility Heater fitted on trolley
Coil Diameter Ø185 mm
Horizontal Yokes size 40x40x490mm(suitable for bore dia.57mm & above)
50x50x490mm(suitable for bore dia.71mm & above)
60x60x490mm(suitable for bore dia.86mm & above)
Handheld Digital Thermometer DT-01 (0 to 500° C)