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HIB-01-SPL (3.5 – 4 kVA)

Inventum Induction Heater Model HIB-01-SPL is the light weight unit & upgraded version of Model HIB-01 with microcontroller based controls circuit with digital display. The control unit is directly mounted on the main heater.


Product Data Model HIB-01-SPL
Heater Body Outer casing body of these units is made from Impact Resistant FRP,
and coated with special heat and scratch resistant PU Hard Coating.
Power 3.5 - 4 KVA
Voltage 1Ø x 230 VAC
Nominal Current 16 / 18 A
Working Frequency 50/60 Hz
Residual Magnetism < 2 A/cm
Power Level Variable & Step less, can be varied in steps of 1% also.
Temperature Control 0 to 240º C using microcontroller based circuit in steps of 1º C
Time Control 0 to 99 min 59 sec.
Minimum (ID)mm 29mm (with standard horizontal yoke)
Sound Signal Yes
Reheat Signal Yes
Error Signal Yes
Digital Display Yes
Coil Over Heating Protection Yes
Temperature Hold Function Yes, Provided
Space between vertical supports (W x H) 110 x 100 mm ( ± 10mm)
Overall Dimensions (W x D x H) 365 x 320 x 250mm (± 10mm)
Standard Horizontal yoke size 20 x 20 x 280mm (suitable for bore dia. 29mm & above)
30 x 30 x 280mm (suitable for bore dia. 43mm & above)
45 x 45 x 280mm (suitable for bore dia. 64mm & above)
Weight (main unit) 32 Kg
Weight with Standard Yokes 39 Kg
Special Equipment Trolley 690 × 530 × 355mm
Handheld Digital Thermometer DT – 01 ( 0 to 500ºC )