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Inventum Model Mini Inductor 800 – Pake Experience fast, safe and damage free removal of stubborn nuts and bolts, exterior trim, vinyl graphics, bonding, glass, and much more. The Mini-Ductor is the professional’s choice handheld flame less torch.

It is used in the automotive, construction, agricultural, industrial and marine industries. Leverage the power of technology with Invisible Heat. The flameless solution for releasing corroded or frozen hardware and other metallic components from corrosion and thread lock compounds. All without the collateral damage normally associated with torches. Heats nuts red hot in seconds!


Product Data Mini - Ductor 800 - PAKE
Housing Military Grade
Impact Resistant Plastic
Power 1000 Watt
Voltage 1Ø x 230 VAC
Working Frequency 50 Hz
LED Usage Indicator Yes
Fan Operation Enhancement Yes
Carry Case Yes
Overall Dimensions (W x D x H) 432mm x 311mm x 114mm
Weight 2.5 kg
The Inductions Coils 1) MD 99-601 : 22.2mm (7/8”) ID. heat resistant
Pre-Formed coil (12.7cm L)
2) MD 99-602 : Straight Heat resistant ‘U’- Form
coil for DIY winding (58.4cm L)
3) MD 99-603 : Flexible heat resistant Bearing
Buddy coil for inline application (104.1cm L)
4) MD 99-605 : 22.2mm (7/8”) ID heat resistant
Pre-Formed coil (25.4cm L)
5) MD 99-607 : 44.5mm (1-3/4") Heat resistant
Pre formed Coil (L- 22.2cm)
6) MD 99-608 : 38.1mm (1-1/2") Heat resistant Pre formed Coil (L- 21.6cm)
7) MD 99-609 : 31.8mm (1-1/4") Heat resistant Pre formed Coil (L- 21cm)
8) MD 99-610 : 25mm (1") Heat resistant Pre formed Coil (L- 21cm)
9) MD 99-611 : 19mm (3/4") Heat resistant Pre formed Coil (L- 11.4cm)
10) Carry Case
Cooling Way Air cooling
Optional Accessories
Inductions Coils 1) MD99-XBB96 : 96" Long Bearing Buddy Coil
2) MD99-624 : 38.1mm (1-1/2") Long Pre-formed Coil (33.6cm L)
3) MD99-625 : 44.5mm (1-3/4") Long Pre-formed Coil (33.6cm L)