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HIB-06 (80 / 100 KVA UNIT)

Induction Heater of 80 / 100 kVA capacity specially designed to suit the application of heating very heavy and large sized bearings and other shrink-fit components, to the desired temperature precisely, quickly and safely.


Product Data Model HIB-06
Heater Body Base structure of steel and main heater coil hermetically sealed with fiber glass
Capacity 80 / 100 KVA
Voltage 415/ 440 V 50 Hz
Current (max) 100 Amps
Heater Body Steel
Start Condition Soft Start
Pole Section (mm) 200 x 200mm
Standard Yoke size (mm) 200 x200 x1350mm
Max. bearing weight (+/-)* 3000 kg
Max. work piece weight (+/-)* 2500 Kg
Max. recommended bearing
outside diameter
Max. bearing width 700mm
Temperature control Using microprocessor/ microcontroller based electronic circuits.
Note: Bearings to be heated up to a maximum
temperature of 120°C. Other components can
be heated up to higher temperatures
Temperature range Upto 250° C.
Adjustable in steps of 1° C.
Accuracy +/- 5° C
Coil Diameter 400mm
Max. temperature 2500C
Magnetic probe Yes
Digital display Yes. LCD/ LED digital display.
Time control Microcontroller based electronic circuits.
Time Period 0 to 99.9 min.
Adjustable in steps of 0.1 minutes.
Digital display Yes. LCD/ LED digital display.
Sound signal Yes
Fault Condition (error) Report Yes
Temperature Hold Yes
Demagnetisation Yes. Automatic
Residual Magnetism < 2 A/cm
Power Level selection Variable in 2/ 4 steps
Thermal cut-out (safety guard) Yes
Space between supports **
(w x h)
750 x 750mm ** Other dimension range
is available on specific request.
Overall Dimension (w x d x h) 1600mm X 3000mm x1400mm mm(+/- 5%)
Heater’s Standard Accessories
1 Robust Heater Body made of steel 1 No.
2 LCD/LED Display Box connected to the main body 1 No.
3 Standard Yoke of size 200 x 200 (240*) x 1350mm with special
sliding arm arrangement * with rack
1 No.
4 Magnetic type Temperature probe with cable & socket 1 No.
5 Special Hand Gloves (heat resistant type) 1 Pair
6 Handheld Digital Thermometer (0-500° C) with probe (DT-01) 1 No.
7 Spare Magnetic Temperature probe with cable & socket. 1 No.
* Depending upon bearing geometry, configuration, max. temperature
and ambient temperature.