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System :-

The pressure required to dismount bearing assemblies generally is in the 200 to 500 kg/cm2 range; and for torque-transmission joints is in the 800 to 1800 kg/cm2 range. It is only in exceptional cases that a pressure of 2500 kg/cm2 is required.

Oil Injector Pump manufactured by INVENTUM is designed to operate upto 3000 kg/cm2 giving adequate pressure for all normal dismounting applications. Oil injection pump and oil injection equipment manufacturers in Mumbai, India to all over the world oils injections pumps, tools and kits for sale from last three decades with multiple industrial features as per the requirements.

Field of Use :-

This System has a variety of applications; from small components to extremely large ones with cylindrical or taper seats. It is widely used for mounting and dismounting components with interference fits which are transmitting large fluctuating loads, such as gears, flywheels, crankshafts, couplings and bearings. Some advantages of the Oil Injection System in selected areas of applications are illustrated under :

Mounting and Dismounting :-

Oil Injection System is the only method of mounting and dismounting shrunk fit components easily and without damage. The mounting and dismounting force is reduced, or almost eliminated, by using the oil injection method.

Improved torque transmission properties :-

It is possible to transmit very high and fluctuating torques by means of components having interference fit. This eliminates the use of keyways or splines and thus does not limit its torque transmitting properties to the shear factor of the key. Many times it is possible to reduce the shaft diameter to transmit the same torque. No keyways or splines are to be milled, thus also saving machining costs.