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HIB-03-SPL-V’ (12 kVA)

This is special Model in the family of “HIB-03”. It has power capacity ranges from 11-14 KVA. This Model has the yoke sliding down vertically with the help of electric wire rope hoist operated by a pendant. It is provided with material handling trolley which is provided as a optional accessory. The components to be heated are slided down in Horizontal fashion which makes it easier for handling the components of heavier mass.


Product Data Model “HIB-03-SPL-V”
Heater Body Robust all Steel Body
Power 12 KVA
Voltage 2ø x 440 VAC/50 Hz.
Nominal Current 30 Amps
Working Frequency 50/60 Hz
Residual Magnetism < 2 A/cm
Power Level Variable & Step less, can be varied in steps of 1% also
Temperature Control Up to 400° C using microcontroller based circuits, adjustable in
steps of 1° C and accuracy +/- 5° C (Temperature accuracy +/-5° C for all models).
Time Control 0 to 99 min 59 secs.
Minimum (ID)mm 114mm ( with standard vertical yoke)
Sound Signal Yes
Reheat Signal Yes
Error Signal Yes
Digital Display Yes
Coil Over Heating Protection Yes
Temperature Hold Function Yes, K-type thermocouple provided with magnetic attachment
Temperature Hold Function Yes, Provided
Heating Space available (W x H) 260 x 250 MM,( ± 10 MM)
Overall Dimensions (W x D x H) 1000 × 500 × 1155 (± 10mm)
Standard yoke size 80 x 80 x 400 MM (Suitable for I.D.114 mm & Above)
Optional yoke sizes 65 x 65 x 400 MM (Suitable for I.D.92 mm & Above) 50 x
50 x 400 MM (Suitable for I.D.72 mm & Above) 40 x 40 x
400 MM (Suitable for I.D.57 mm & Above)
Weight of the Main Unit 170 Kg
Vertical yoke movement Elevated Electric Rope Hoist Provided
Hand Held Digital Thermometer DT-01 (Range 0 to 500° C), with K-type leaf probe
Special Trolley Size (W x D x H) For Handling heavy components 540 x 500 x 250* mm (*655 mm including Handle)