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Automated Hydraulic Bearing Extractor DWT-MOT

The 'DWT MOT' Series Automated Hydraulic Bearing Extractor is a specially designed compact, mobile equipment for dismounting spherical roller bearings shrynk fitted (i.e. direct mounted) on cylindrical journals of wheel sets of ICF Coaches (BG/MG) and EMUs of Indian Railways.

This is the latest addition to INVENTUM’s Range of Hydraulic Extractors based on Oil Injection System and has greater productivity to the manually operated Extractors. Automatic hydraulic bearing extractor price offered by us is flexible in Mumbai, India to all over the world for sale with oil injection system from last 3 decades with multiple industrial features of reliable and durable as per the client's requirements.


The dismounting procedure is based on Oil Injection System. In the oil injection system the pressurised oil is injected between the bearing and the journal surface and forms a thin oil film eliminating metal to metal contact. The bearing virtually floats out on this oil film without scoring the journal.


The Extractor consists of a Mobile Workstation mounted with compact Hydraulic Power-Pack having built controls and safety devices.

The equipment has two fixed wheels in front and two swivel castors at the rear of the hydraulic components of the primary pressure source of 150 bars (max.) and the other compartment has an intensifier for oil injection to produce the pressure of 750 bars.

The dismounting tools and accessories are specially designed to facilitate injecting of the oil at high pressure between the shrink fit bearing inner ring and the cylindrical journal, for easy and effortless dismounting.

The motorised hydraulic power pack with oil injection system of this equipment makes the bearing withdrawal safe and effortless.

The fast acting hydraulic withdrawal fixture ensures that the axial displacement of the bearing is fast, without use of manual force.

In case of power failure or in case of field operations when the Automated Hydraulic Extractor’s Power-Pack can not be used, as a stand by the unit is provided with two sets of manually operated Oil Injectors with foot-stand & other accessories and one Cranking Jack Assembly, to be used for Manual Withdrawal Procedure.



For dismounting spherical roller bearings shrunk fitted (i.e. direct mounted) on cylindrical journals of wheel sets of ICF Coaches (BG/MG) and EMUs of Indian Railways.

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